How to Prevent Cart Abandonment in Small Businesses


June 15, 2024

how to prevent cart abandonment How to Prevent Cart Abandonment in Small Businesses

If you’ve just started an online store, the number of abandoned shopping carts (i.e., unfulfilled orders) might be demoralizing.

Fortunately, cart abandonment is a common occurrence with e-commerce firms. As a result, you may take comfort in the fact that despite your desire to make a smooth checkout experience, unfinished transactions are very typical.

According to 2019 Statista research, nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts before they reach the checkout page.

Even yet, every e-commerce firm should know why customers quit their shopping carts and have a plan to persuade those doubtful customers to make a purchase.

As part of that plan, an automated email campaign based on abandoned carts should be implemented.

Why? Emails sent to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts are effective. More than six times as many purchases are generated when three abandoned cart emails are sent as compared to just one. Your emails, on the other hand, must address the reasons behind your customers’ departure.

Follow along as we explore the most common reasons for cart abandonment and provide solutions you may use in your own abandoned cart campaign.

You should be aware of the following facts about abandoned carts:

As a starting point, these are the five most common reasons why ecommerce customers leave their shopping carts.

Because of shipping expenses, 63% of customers leave their shopping carts

People’s shopping habits aren’t altered by shopping online: For want of a better term, web users rove. They could, for example, leave one exhibit to look at another at a shop.

When shopping online, the customer has the option of leaving without completing their purchase.

Is it possible to attract customers who have shown interest in your products but were deterred by the price of shipping back?

The items your guests leave behind should be valued.

Consider sending a series of emails to your customers to remind them of how great your items are. In order to do this, your email must arouse interest in the goods they left behind via your copy.

Use your message to explain certain features. Include photographs of your products that are both unique and high-quality.

When a discount coupon doesn’t work, 46% of customers abandon their carts before making a purchase.

Coupon sites are among the most popular internet destinations because everyone likes a deal. When a consumer attempts to use a code and is unsuccessful, it serves as a cue for them to look for another retailer.

Customer discounts should be made clear to them so they don’t forget about them.

Even if your clients’ discount codes don’t work because they are old or your site had a backend dev problem while they were purchasing, don’t leave it to chance. Instead, offer the deal again and be honest about it.

If an order takes too long to ship, 36% of customers leave the cart.

If an online purchase takes too long, customers may begin to doubt the simplicity and comfort of doing so. Any purchase should have a rapid checkout and delivery process.

The importance of automation cannot be overstated. When a consumer abandons a shopping cart, it allows your site to reply in near real time to disrupt that sequence of thinking and stop them from completing a purchase elsewhere.

Emails may be used to elicit a feeling of urgency.

Using urgency in your email messages is one strategy to keep wandering consumers engaged with your ecommerce firm.

This is especially useful for things that take a long time to arrive.

Having to reenter credit card information turns away 30% of potential clients.

Customers may begin to distrust the ease and convenience of making an online transaction if it takes too long. The checkout and shipping processes for each order should be as quick as possible.

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of automation. When a customer removes an item from their shopping cart, your website has the opportunity to intervene in real time and prevent them from completing their purchase elsewhere.

A sense of urgency may be created by sending an email.

You can keep customers coming back to your online store by using urgency in your email campaigns.

For items that take a long time to arrive, this is extremely handy.

When requested to re-enter shipping information, 25 percent of ecommerce shoppers leave their carts.

Re-entering shipping information may be the sixth cause for cart abandonment on our list, but if 25% of consumers opt out, it should be high on your worries list.

Consider the ramifications for your business’s financial line.

Ten percent of abandoned cart email marketing are successful. As a result, if you had 100 consumers buying, but 25 of them choose to opt out, you could entice 2.5 of those customers back.

Regardless of the size of the transaction, each one matters.

To increase your conversion rate, make use of services that send emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts.

Your goal is to make your clients feel like they’re part of your ecommerce community, regardless of whether or not they buy anything from you.

Of course, you want them to become believers as well.

Using an abandoned cart email campaign is a good method to encourage and welcome them back into the purchase process.

For overcoming the abandoned cart, there are takeaways.

It’s never a bad idea to provide your consumers a special reason to return to their shopping carts.

Keep in mind that your abandoned cart email campaign should have a clear goal: to persuade clients to finish their purchases and return for more.

The following are five ways you may address cart abandonment:

  • Show shoppers why the items in their shopping carts are worth their money.
  • The discount should be sent out.
  • Create urgency by sending a series of emails to customers who have abandoned their carts.
  • In abandoned basket emails that urge users to give payment information, be clear and concise.
  • Encourage your consumers to complete the transaction by sending them emails about their abandoned shopping carts.

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