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From carrying boxes of prints to
E-Commerce Dynamo:
A Creative Journey of Growth and Adaptation

Eastend Prints founder, Helen Edwards, discusses her challenging entrepreneurial journey, from physical marketing at art markets to adapting to the digital landscape. She highlights significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizes the importance of evolving in a changing business landscape, and mentions their plans for international expansion. The interview also touches on various aspects of digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, and the evolving preferences of younger consumers in the social media landscape.

From searching for love to launching a powerful brand – Bella di Notte: Mail-order culture is alice and well! Finding a niche audience and rubbing with it.

Susan Johnson, founder of Bella di Notte embarked on a journey to Italy searching for a husband and little did she know that a simple search for a vest during her trip would eventually take her on an amazing ecom journey. A true titan, she managed all her risks effectively and found a niche audience who are strong and loyal customers of Bella di Notte. She ends the podcast with a valuable tip for budding ecom titans – test, measure and roll out!

Michigan to Manhattan: Building Proper Wild – An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Proper WIld founder, Vincent Bradley, discusses his background as an entrepreneur, his move to New York City, and the inspiration behind starting Proper Wild. He talks about the challenges and opportunities in the beverage industry, the importance of product quality and customer trust, and their strategies for online marketing and retention. They emphasize the significance of testing, the role of ad creativity in digital marketing success, and the importance of having a solid business model in the competitive direct-to-consumer space. Vincent also touches on the potential challenges of expanding internationally and the value of being data-driven in business decisions.

The fight gear Game Changers: From Niche Sport to E-commerce Success – A Conversation with Micha Busch

In this podcast, BJJ Fight Gear founder, Micha Busch, discusses various topics, including his personal brand, business growth, marketing strategies, and the importance of building a brand in the niche sports gear industry. He also touches on how exclusivity with key brands has been pivotal to BJJ. Micha shares insights into their journey as a business owner and their focus on specialization in Brazilian jiu-jitsu gear.

Slopes & Style: The Luxury Skiwear Journey

Tamsin discusses her unique fashion business, Winternational, specializing in women’s luxury skiwear. She emphasizes the importance of offering new fashion choices while promoting clothing reuse and re-wear. Tamsin highlights their unique focus on women’s skiwear and their commitment to offering a range of price points. She talks about their approach to customer acquisition, the importance of SEO, and treating customers as individuals.

Itty Bitty Unveiled: The ecom Journey of Itty Bitty and the Future of Ecommerce with Ricky

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Ricky, the visionary cofounder of Itty Bitty. Discover the remarkable journey from a humble baby boutique idea to becoming a Google-ranked sensation. Ricky shares insights on overcoming challenges, building a brand, and achieving SEO success. Get ready for a deep dive into the strategies that propelled Itty Bitty to the top, with invaluable tips for anyone navigating the dynamic world of online retail. Don’t miss this episode packed with unique stories and practical advice straight from the trenches of e-commerce success. Tune in now for an enlightening conversation with a true master of the game.

Revolutionizing Restwear: The Lunya Story

Step into the realm of Lunya, a thriving direct-to-consumer brand reshaping the landscape of restwear. We converse with Ashley, the visionary founder of Lunya, unraveling the brand’s evolution from a 2012 ideation to becoming a DTC titan. Ashley shares invaluable insights on navigating challenges, crafting a resonant brand identity, and the future of e-commerce amidst dynamic market shifts. Tune in for an exclusive journey through the world of Lunya, where innovation meets comfort, and learn from the DTC titan herself.

Brewing Success: Jonathan’s Journey from Espresso to E-commerce Titans in the World of Joe Coffee”

Jonathan, the visionary founder of Joe Coffee, shares the inspiring journey from representing actors to creating a unique coffee brand. With innovation, determination, and a focus on community, Joe Coffee navigated the evolving e-commerce landscape. The pandemic shifted their focus, quadrupling direct-to-consumer output. Strategic branding, digital marketing, and partnerships, along with embracing trends like cold brew, position Joe Coffee for a promising future in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

Air & Grace – Soleful Revolution: Journey Through Footwear, Fashion, and E-Commerce

In this episode, we sit down with DTC titan Claire Burrows, the founder of Air and Grace. Claire shares the fascinating story behind her unique footwear brand, blending style, comfort, and responsible fashion. From the challenges of building a brand identity to the secrets of effective digital marketing, Claire provides invaluable insights for aspiring e-commerce titans. Join the conversation as we explore the past, present, and future of Air & Grace, all with a touch of responsible style. Step into the world of Air and Grace with Soleful Revolution.