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Unlocking CLTV

Underground Ecom co-hosted a fantastic event at Jim & Toniq’s HQ, bringing together
industry leaders in the e-commerce space to discuss all things CLTV.

With customer acquisition continuing to become more and more expensive, it’s essential
for brands to focus on Customer Lifetime Value if they want to win the DTC race in 2023.

We were able to bring together 6 leading authorities in the DTC ecosystem for an
afternoon of intimate, actionable 20 minute workshops so you can get ahead of the competition.

Workshops hosted by

Partners Unlocking CLTV Event
UE Full Logo White Unlocking CLTV Event
Relo Unlocking CLTV Event
Gorgias Unlocking CLTV Event
mention me Unlocking CLTV Event
review.io Unlocking CLTV Event
octaneai logo fireandname Unlocking CLTV Event

And to top off a hugely insightful evening,
we had food and drink provided by the Jim & Toniq team.

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