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That Converts

Email Marketing is all about maximizing revenue from your EXISTING customers. The easiest customer to sell to is the one who has bought from you before and at Underground Ecom we specialize in turning one time purchases into lifelong customers

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Email marketing is proven to have the best ROI of ANY marketing channel and Email Marketing done right can add an extra 10% – 30% revenue to ANY business. Without implementing email marketing you are simply leaving thousands of dollars on the table.


We know you don’t have the time to become an email marketing expert. We know that your focus should be growing your business! That’s where we come in. Work with Underground Ecom and rest easy knowing that you are maximizing the value of email marketing and not losing out on thousands of potential sales.


Below is our email marketing strategy broken into it’s 5 foundations. We implement these 5 foundations with every client we work with to maximise the value they can obtain from their email marketing


Campaigns are emails that we send to your list of subscribers every week. We use this opportunity to entice your subscribers in to repeat purchases using social proof, scarcity, and engaging content. By varying our content we keep your list engaged with your brand increasing LTV


Important Features

  • Weekly emails sent to your subscriber list
  • Variety of strategies used to maximize conversions
  • Varied content to increase customer LTV


Flows are series’ of emails triggered by customers actions for example the Abandon cart flow is triggered when a customer starts checkout but doesn’t purchase. Flows allow us to reach customers who have a high buying intent and drive them to convert. We use flows to increase your AOV, reduce abandon carts and maximize revenue for your existing traffic.


Important Features

  • Reach customers with high buying intent
  • Maximize revenue from existing traffic
  • Increase AOV

List Growth

Growing your email list allows us to reach more potential customers with our campaigns. We use an exit intent pop up a strategy to turn exiting customers into subscribers who we can retarget with campaigns.


Important Features

  • List growth increases campaign effectiveness
  • Turn exiting traffic into subscribers
  • Minimal disturbance to converting traffic

Split Testing

Every email list is different so we use split testing throughout our email marketing strategy to optimize our emails and make data-driven decisions. Unlike other agencies, we split test absolutely everything including the subject line, design, content and send time


Important Features

  • Allows us to optimize conversions
  • Teaches us what converts your audience
  • We split test everything


Every customer is at a different stage so we use powerful segmentation to send them relevant content. We segment your customers by location, the number of purchases, what they purchase, when they purchase, what emails they have opened and a number of different factors so that they receive content that is personalized to them and has the highest chance of driving conversions.


Important Features

  • Allows us to send relevant content to your customers
  • Increases chances of conversion
  • Relevant content more engaging for your subscribers

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