Underground Ecom was founded by James Matthewman in 2017. After speaking to several e-commerce store owners he found that none of them were implementing any sort of email marketing in their business. After investigating more he found that most e-commerce stores weren’t implementing email marketing at all and those that were doing email marketing were not investing enough time or expertise into it.

There was to much focus among store owners on making frontend revenue from advertising and almost no focus on back-end revenue and repeat customers!

So Underground Ecom was formed and since then we have been maximizing email marketing revenue for our clients in countries all over the world including USA, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Australia and Hungary

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    Underground Ecom has done great work on the email flows so far - they're killing it and all the emails/popups/etc so far look awesome! such a night and day difference between working with my last email agency and working with you guys, so thanks for the great work so far! I'll definitely be referring them whenever I can!

    • Jordan George
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    When you hire Underground Ecom for email marketing, They jack up your optin rate by 700% on day 1 and get your flows from 7% to 29% on Day 1 also. #mindblown that's a 400% increase in email revenue and we haven't split test them even further yet, or launched campaigns.

    • Youssef Bennani
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    When our ad account got restricted Underground Ecom was able to bring us an extra $1,000 in revenue and keep us going!

    • Scott Cho
    • Hight Ticket Store Owner
Underground Ecom